Traditional Ice Cream Uncle – The Dairy Kings of Singapore

Traditional Ice cream Cart with legenDaiRY Ice cream uncles are now for HIRE , for your party, event, happy occasions! They have been around since the early days of Singapore, till today, Ice cream uncles are getting old and due to licensing issues, they are no longer given out to normal folk who are still willing to toil under this hot weather and very traditional trade which is slowly dying off. Support them just by hiring them!


Traditional Ice Cream Cart

A Magazine article of one of Singapore’s most favourite street ice cream snacks.

Traditional Ice cream Cart

Check out the all time nostalgic flavours, I still remember lots of them since my younger days. Guess what the price is still very affordable !

Ice cream uncle

Ice cream uncle on wheels, one of the most classic Singaporean memories.

Traditional Ice Cream Uncle with Vintage Ice cream Truck

Check out this Kombination, this is rarely seen in modern Singapore nowadays, a 40 year old ice cream van together with a traditional ice cream cart !

Traditional Ice Cream cart

vintage VW highroof kombi with Ice cream Cart





  1. I want to hire the ice cream uncle for wedding event. Can I have any of the contact number?

  2. Would like to get a quote for a 3 day event from 22-24 may from 11am to 3pm each day for a traditional ice cream cart booth.

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