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ICE CREAM & ICE CREAM Singapore – is a company of Scoopy’s & Cream, ( Scoopy’s Gelateria Pte Ltd ) which is a leading ice cream caterer and supplier for hotels, restaurants & cafes, events & parties since 2007. Started by a young apprentice of a Italian Ice Cream Master based in Singapore, we have reached out and served 100,000s of people, a Million Smiles through our unique Ice cream deliveries, Ice cream carts rental services for all events and parties in Singapore.¬†Scoopy’s & Cream ” ICE CREAM & ICE CREAM ” also carries a wide range of famous and well loved ice cream brands, such as Haagen Dazs, Ben & Jerry’s, Wall’s Magnum & Cornetto, Scoopy’s House brand, & Scoopy’s Mobile Soft Serve ice cream. We now own a wide array of mobile ice cream coolers, ice cream freezers, ice cream carts, ice cream tricycles, and even our one of a kind ICE CREAM KOMBI VAN for mobile ice cream vending services ūüôā


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Scoopy’s & Cream ( Our brief story¬†&¬†humble beginnings ) – ¬†began as an¬†ice cream gelato manufacturer, It was registered around late 2007 – 2008 and we started operations around late 2008, with just minimum operations and¬†staffing. Eventually the focus on it after I left SQ. I learnt Gelato & ice cream making from a very experienced Gelato Chef that shared with me his ice cream recipes, tips & tricks. At that time, We were in the factory throughout the whole day was really routine, we would do cold calls when there weren’t orders , and also prepared gelato bases during free time. When they were orders , we would start to produce freshly churned gelato flavours. At the time we would also do the delivery , basically we would do everything by manually and in a really traditional fashion , and one more staff which we employed when we were out doing sales and deliveries.¬† www.scoopysandcream.com
We then opened 2 Retail ice cream cafes , a 40 seater dine in at Downtown East an ice cream kiosk in tiong bahru plaza, We lasted about 2 years back then, though it was quite popular and profitable, we couldn’t manage with our limited skilled manpower and increasing rentals after recontract so we went back to focus on our strengths .
After which we started our events department as we saw the demand in additional services for our clients besides just pure delivery of ice cream, they wanted service and also promotional , branding activations , so we created new products and services to cater for this demand, doing events and catering also helped reach out to more clients, as people could try our products on site, and also see the actual service that we do. That helped us leverage on our original ice cream manufacturing business, by providing mobile ice cream carts, freezers, customised branding and services for our clients.  www.icecreamandicecream.com
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some ice cream events we did pre-2016!

Soon, we weren’t just making our ice cream, we were engaged by many to conduct interesting teambuilding sessions from ice cream making workshops using liquid nitrogen. We shared with 10,000 ++ students over the span of 7 to 8 years in this business, using tried and tested recipes which we use in our ice cream factories with easily available ingredients, http://www.icecreamandicecream.com/ice-cream-making-workshops/¬† by letting our participants experience it with liquid nitrogen in a safe environment.
With the increasing demand, we would not be able to cope with just production , so we carried big famous brands such as Haagen-Dazs , Ben & Jerry’s , Wall’s¬†as well as Traditional Ice cream/.
One thing led to another and we also asked to organized and plan parties, and manage larger scale events from the already existing events that we were asked to cater. www.scoopysandcream.com
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Event & Party Planner Singapore

On the sides we were into nostalgia as part of our company style, and we just happen to come across an old vw kombi highroof van which as actually used as a burger truck overseas, a mobile bakery and even used to be an old book delivery vehicle. We bought it over and converted & restored it into an ICE CREAM Van which we use it to serve ice cream from it.  www.supericecreamtruck.comThis was also soon used for weddings, bus advertisements , promotional vehicle, as well as for our event activations.
We are always looking for new ideas , so using the fleet that we had, we created an automobile furniture business, using an classic mini cooper body which was beyond rescue to repurpose and upcycled it into vintage-retro theme automotive car furniture http://www.supericecreamtruck.com/automotive-car-themed-decor-furniture/ which we can customize for our clients for their boutique hotels, offices, as well as homes.