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Ice Cream Van Singapore

ice cream van singapore

Kombi Rentals Singapore – for your custom branding / vintage vehicle rentals for your events & advertising campaigns ! Classic VW beetles & kombi / italian Vespa with Sidecars & more!

ice cream kombi singapore

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Kombi Ice cream truck is here !

ICE CREAM & ICE CREAM Vintage ice cream van singapore for HIRE, for mobile exhibitions and POP UP stalls – giveaways, branding, advertising, roadshows, events, weddings, photoshoots, commercials and more!
Available for Full Automotive-Rewrap/Decal & Rebranding, or just Logo & Brand Placements.

Excellent Ability to attract publicity and traffic . ( by visuals and giveaways )
Flexible: Conversion into Mobile Pop Up Stalls or Booths ( Ice Cream Van SingaporeĀ parlour, product placements, retail booths, exhibitions etc , please enquire for more details ! )
Fantastic for Photoshoots – very Rare Ice cream van on the streets of Singapore with a nostalgic feel and memorable experience you’ll never forget.
Classic Wedding Hire – Add a timeless classic charm to your Wedding : As your actual Day Wedding Transport with a dedicated chauffeur( with seating of up to 8 to 9 Pax comfortably ). Classic never goes out of style.

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Vintage Kombi for ice cream Van service / branding & advertising click on the logo for more info!