Ice Cream Carts/ Live Stations

Ice Cream Live Stations & Prepacked Ice cream Minicups

Besides a wide range of prepacked brands of ice cream you can choose from, having a Live Ice cream Station with our friendly Staffing, and choice of unique ice cream carts and services that will actually bring Life to your party or event!
Select from a wide range of ice cream prepacked options & brands, and even customised to your own branding for promotional & advertising giveaways!

We are the specialists in Singapore’s mobile ice cream catering Scene, as our main focus is Ice cream Catering and all sorts of ice cream brands and ice cream live stations!

You can have a fuss-free convenient Ice cream live station & prepacked minicups options without having to ever worry about your ice cream melting ! We are really cool people ( pun intended )
and can advise you the best option to take for your perfect ice cream service!

We have a range of services to suit every birthday / party / wedding / event / roadshow / promotion / advertising / grand opening / sports / carnival / national day
with or without electricity we can bring the most memorable ice cream live service to you.

Prepacked Ice cream Delivery ( choose products from : /¬†Popsicles / Cornetto / Magnum / Scoopy’s & Cream / Ben & Jerry’s / Haagen-Dazs / Artisan Gelato¬†with or without Customised Branding option on cup.

( 60 qty onwards ) packed In foam boxes / dry ice or provision or cart / freezer / giveaways combination

Ice cream Live Station Cooler Service ( Tabletop ) ~ ( 60 pax to 240 ++ pax / servings )

Ice cream Live Station Mini Push Cart ( Standalone ) ~ ( 60 pax to 300 ++ pax / servings )

Ice cream Freezer Push Trike ~ ( 60 pax to 240 ++ pax / servings )

We also provide customization, do enquire us for more information : )

Ice cream Cart Booth with Canopy

Ice cream Vespa & Sidecar ~ ( 60 pax to 360 pax / servings )

LED Drinks or Chiller Push Cart (Standalone) ~ ( 240 ++ pax / servings onwards to 1000++ )

Ice cream Soft Serve & Yogurt Station ~ ( 60 pax ++ / servings onwards to 1000 ++ )

Ice cream Scooping Freezer ~ ( 240 ++ pax / servings onwards to 1000++ )

Ice cream Truck~ ( 60 pax ++ onwards to 1000 ++ )

Click here for more Kombi Rentals option!

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Private Chefs ( 30 to 120 pax )

At Scoopy’s, we are pleased to let you know that we have a live station service for liquid nitrogen ice cream! Why choose liquid nitrogen ice cream, you ask? Other than leaving people bedazzled by a theatrical smoke-filled room, the rapid freezing produces an ice cream with particularly small ice crystals which in turn produces a smoother texture.

Please feel free to contact us to enquire more details !