Ice cream equipment for sale

Ice cream Equipment for Sale

We are specialized in Singapore’s Ice cream industry for 10 years now ( since 2008 ) by Scoopy’s & Cream , we offer equipment and solutions for the best value for money. Equipment that is lasting, of good quality, highly mobile Ice cream equipment for sale. We are even able to customize mobile ice cream trucks, foodtrucks for all your business needs.

Are you looking for the following Ice cream Equipment for Sale,
For all your Business Needs such as:

  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Commercial
  • Catering
  • Mobile Events
ice cream equipment for sale

Liebherr Brand Sliding door Display Freezer with Custom Gelato Glass Display with Light. Guaranteed best price in Singapore! 

ice cream equipment for sale.

Nice & Clean Display for 5L Long Stainless Steel Tubs Display, Ideal for 6 Flavours Gelato Ice Cream Flavours. Custom Stainless Steel Rack can be done for all ice cream container Sizes

ice cream equipment for sale.

Custom branding Sticker for Company event, with mountain style Gelato , 4 flavours custom rack for wide gelato tubs. Clean & Practical display with best value for your equipment!

ice cream equipment for sale

Freezer with sturdy wheels are highly mobile , great for event use as well!

To preserve the rich tradition of our local ice cream culture, we have made many improvements to mobile & traditional ice cream carts.

With Improved solutions, such as  Freezer Ice cream Carts ( Built in Freezer ) are able to plug in for mobile events, hence ensuring sustained cold temperature to keep ice cream in best serving condition. No need to worry about dry ice top up if you have a power supply to plug in.  Without a power supply, a charged freezer ice cream cart will a good half a day. Insulation is all round with built inside racks and external racks for all your ice cream equipment and serving gear.  Durable industry grade castor wheels will ensure easy pushing of carts around, for transport and events purposes.

ice cream equipment for sale.

ice cream freezer carts with plug in options. Custom sticker branding for client.   

ice cream equipment for sale

Freezer pushcarts are highly mobile and can be used to stow ice , drinks as well. Great mobility for events. Custom 2 x Cart sold specially for Clients Event and permanent use.              

vespa ice cream sidecar

custom vespa sidecar for your event! Used as an Ice cream vehicle. Eyecatching in any event.

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