Fruit Popsicle Gelato

Fruit Popsicles Gelato

Fruit Popsicles gelato made from pure fresh fruits available for delivery or events! Definitely a healthier choice, yet still retaining the creaminess of a gelato ice cream base! Having the delight of pure fresh fruits as the main ingredient,
these Popsicles will be a sure hit.


Price ranging from $3.50 nett to $5.50 nett per popsicle depending on total Quantity, choice of flavour and type of Customisation (if required).


custom Logo stamping on fruit popsicle sticks for a music fest in 2017, for client Mercedes-Benz.

Artisan popsicles made fresh – specially customised for Mercedes-Benz Singapore!

Premium Artisan Fruit Popsicles  (With fresh whole fruit slices in popsicles)

Avocado Dark Chocolate

Coconut Water Honey with Lychee

Honey Sorbet with Peach Slice

Hokkaido Milk with Strawberry

Lime Sorbet Mint Leaves

Lemon Sorbet with Peach Slice

Lemon Olive Oil with Apricot Slice

Mango Coconut with Pomelo

Pink Peach with Kiwi and Strawberry

Red Watermelon with Kiwi Slice

Strawberry Sorbet with Pineapple

Strawberry Coconut with Peach Slice


*No eggs, non-dairy and no traces of nuts

Artisan Popsicles

Coconut Cream Vanilla

Green Cucumber Kiwi

Lemon Lime


Passionfruit Mango

Raspberry/Strawberry Yoghurt

Red Watermelon Sorbet

Peanut Butter Banana Milk

Sour Plum Sorbet

Strawberry Sorbet

Taro Coconut

Printed brand Logo on the packaging

Fresh whole fruit slices in Popsicles

Choice of 18 flavours !

Fruit Popsicles Gelato ( Mini Size Available )


Fruit Popsicles Mini

Check out our Mini Fruit Popsicles just like our Classic Mini Cooper in the Background ! ( with custom stamping on the mini popsicle stick )

Check out our customized fruit popsicle gelato for your event branding activations . We are able to print your brand or logo , & clad it on our fruit popsicle gelato wrappers or even a hidden promotional message on the stick itself!

Popsicles - ice cream tricycle

Customized Ice cream Tricycle with Client’s branding with built in storage to give out free popsicles!


Ice cream tricycle for NIKE.

popsicle ice cream tricycle

Ice cream tricycle for UBER Singapore

popsicle ice cream tricycle

Ice cream Live Stations – Ice cream Tricycle Rebrand for UBER singapore