Artisan Gelato


Artisan Gelato



Our 100% freshly made, Artisan Gelato from Europe, made by Chefs with 2 times recent Gelato Ice Crema World-Cup Champion title. Its now available In Singapore !

Gelato Catering in a form of a live station with Gelato Display for your event / exhibition is a great way to treat your customers and provide a form of well loved dessert treat that everyone loves

Gelato Live Station Singapore

Serving Gelato with Company’s Logo as a Celebration! We provide the full service, Equipment, Gelato, Staffing.

gelato live station

Gelato Live Service compliments your event / exhibition

Prepacked Gelato Deliveries are also another option ( 100 ml Gelato Cups with Lids ) 25 to 50 per choice of flavour. @ $4.90 per cup , please check for available flavours

If you would like to select from a list of already available flavours of Ready – made gelato, it will be @ $5.90 per cup Min order of 60 cups.

List of Gelato Flavours ( please check for availability )


1. After Eight

2. Caramel Indugence (Dulce de Leche)

3. Chocolate Vic

4. Chocolate Vic & Spanish Cream

5. Spanish Cream + Strawberry

6. Hazelnut

7. Belgian Chocolate

8. Kinder

9. Lemon

10. Mango & Passionfruit

11. Rocher

12. Spanish cream

13. Stracciatella

14. Strawberry

15. Turkish Mocha with Fig

16. Vanilla

17. Rhubarb Curd

18. Yogurt Blueberry

19. Walnut Caramel

20. Tahiti Lemon with Basil

21. Caramel Cookie

22. Peach Melba

23. Apricot

24. Frozen Yoghurt

25. Malaga


Artisan Gelato


If you need a mobile & Live Gelato catering service for your bespoke event, please contact us, for further enquires